Please contribute!

We are beginning work on a collective, crowd-sourced bibliography to bring historians together who are using, thinking about using, or getting interested in web archives. We want to know about works written by historians covering topics such as: (a) reflections on the need for web preservation, and its current state in different countries and globally as a whole; (b) how historians could, should or should not use web archives; (c) examples of actual uses of web archives as primary sources. Work concerned with online representation of the more distant past is also within our scope.

Together, we hope to see the degree to which a community might already exist around historians doing this sort of work. While we believe there is something distinct about web archives as a class of primary source that may become definitive, we acknowledge that this is an area of further discussion.

If you have written a piece of scholarship, ranging from a blog post to a peer-reviewed article, please feel free to add it in the Google Document below. Similarly, if this is an area of interest, please provide your name and contact information as well.

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