Who Are We?

IMG_20130607_162428Ian Milligan is an assistant professor of digital and Canadian history at the University of Waterloo. He is currently principal investigator of a SSHRC-funded project looking at how historians will be able to use web archives. Preliminary work on this has appeared in the Journal of the Canadian Historical Association and in conference form at the Herrenhausen Digital Humanities conference. He blogs regularly on his own website and tweets at @ianmilligan1.

Peter Webster is an historian specialising in the religious history of Britain in the twentieth century. He has particular interests in the changes in historical method wrought by the digital turn, and web archives in particular. In his spare time, he is managing director of Webster Research and Consulting, having previously been Web Archiving Engagement and Liaison Manager at the British Library, and Programme and Communications Officer for the International Internet Preservation Consortium. He is often to be found blogging and tweeting (@pj_webster) on these and other matters.

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